Improving Team Collaboration

Improving Team Collaboration

We often believe that through our experience from working together with people, starting at school, then through university and during our career so far, that we have gained the approrpiate skills in working together with people from different backgrounds, ages and thinking.

Then we are confronted with a new situation, e.g. working virtually as a team, or with a new diverse team of colleagues working together on a new project. And for some reason it’s not going so well as it should.

It is not helpful to blame the others. So how can we take the lead and improve the situation, and ensure that the team can collaborate effectively and productively in future, achieving its business goals?

Every team has its own culture and way of working – its behaviour is truly the product of all of its members. We explore in this coaching how you can take the lead within your team’s unique culture and environment to deal with the intercultural and behavioural challenges that your diverse team poses. We look in particular how you can do this with empathy and diplomacy towards your colleagues.

If your team works only virtually, then this coaching will take place online.

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