Holding Difficult Conversations

Holding Difficult Conversations

Dealing with conflict, giving constructive and yet critical feedback, mediating between colleagues with diamterically opposing views of a situation and of each other: these are all examples of difficult conversations which are unpleasant to deal with. Often company culture or our fear of the consequences mean that we avoid them. However, the issues continue and remain unresolved. Often they grow worse.  Furthermore, dealing with these situations in English and not our own language can make them even more challenging.

In our coaching we explore how to remove as much of the fear and the emotion out of the situation as possible. We consider a five-step approach and redefine the problem as the “difference” between two (or more) legitimate points of view which needs resolving.

We take a solutions-oriented approach to our coaching. It makes sense that together we look at how you can and your colleague(s) can together move on from the problem and seek mutually acceptable solutions.

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